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Probiotics for your Pet

Keeping your pet’s gastrointestinal (GI) system running optimally is one way to help keep them healthy. One way to potentially improve your pet’s digestive health is to offer them a daily probiotic supplement. We have several options available for probiotic supplements – Probiotic 8 Plus and Probenz from Omega Alpha, Fortiflora Canine and Feline from Purina and Florentero from Aventix.


Osteosupport Plus Chews

Osteosupport chews provide key nutrients to maintain healthy joint tissues and promote sound joint movement and strength. They are recommended for dogs with arthritis or other joint conditions affecting mobility. This product is an “all-in-one” joint care supplement, eliminating the need to use multiple supplements.



Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: Rx Essentials for Dogs and Cats

Would you like to ensure your pet is getting enough of important vitamins and minerals? Rx essentials is a supplemental product that is comprised of important nutrients for cats and dogs. This supplement is made to complement their overall diet, whether it be homemade one or a commercially available one.