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Liver Disease

What is liver disease/chronic liver failure?

Liver disease is caused by damage to the liver. Chronic liver failure is due to long term damage to the liver, causing the liver no longer to work properly. Liver disease is far more common than liver failure, as the liver has the ability to regenerate, even if the initial damage was severe. Liver failure only occurs when more than 70-75% of the liver is irreparably damaged (cirrhosis) and the liver begins to fail as it is no longer able to repair itself.



Hepatic Lipidosis

Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver Disease) 

Hepatic lipidosis is considered a cause or contributing cause of liver disease in cats. If a cat loses weight too quickly, (either because they are sick and stop eating or they have become lost and unable to find food) a very big problem can occur. By the time the cat actually stops eating, the liver disease may be well underway and will require more aggressive support and treatment to reverse. Normally, in a starvation situation fat is moved from the body’s storage depots to the liver for processing into lipoproteins but the feline liver does not handle huge amounts of mobilized fat very well. The liver becomes overwhelmed with fat and begins to fail.