StrixNB Oral Care Products

StrixNB oral care products are proven safe and effective for maintaining and promoting good oral hygiene. Product testing has shown a 25% reduction in overall tartar buildup and an 82% reduction in bad breath. StrixNB contains binding agents that attach to magnesium, calcium and iron – this helps remove the bacteria’s food source which weakens the tartar. All the StrixNB products are free from alcohol, xylitol, and chlorhexidine.


StrixNB Oral Products Available:

  • Water Additive (power and liquid formulations available)
  • Toothpaste
  • Oral Spray

The liquid water additive helps freshens breath and fight plaque and tartar. Just add 20mL of the StrixNB to 500mL of water each time you replace your pet’s water.imageimage

The powder water additive helps freshens breath and fight plaque and tartar. This formulation is ideal for dogs who drink more water or for multi-pet households.  Just add one scoop of the StrixNB to 1L of warm water, mix until the powder dissolves and it allow to cool before giving to your pet(s).

The toothpaste helps improve overall oral hygiene and promotes healthy teeth and gums when used daily when brushing your pet’s teeth.  Use a pea sized amount of toothpaste to gently brush your pet’s teeth, no rinsing is required.image

imageThe oral care spray has a no-startle nozzle (meaning there is no loud noise produced so your pet won’t get scared). To use, gently lift your pet’s upper lip to properly expose the teeth and gums, as the spray needs to make contact with both the teeth and the gums. For pets less than 20lbs,  one spray, twice daily on each side of the mouth is recommended. For pets over 20lbs, two sprays, twice daily on each side is recommended. It is scientifically formulated to fight plaque, reduce tartar, and freshen breath. The StrixNB oral spray is a good option for pets that don’t drink much water.


All of the products contain food grade ingredients. The active ingredients in these products are:

Sodium Citrate, which is a chelating agent

Citric Acid, which serves as a pH buffer to ensure no change to the pH in your pet’s mouth

Zinc Chloride is a mineral that is able to bind with the sulfur compounds. This helps to reduce bad breath

Potassium Benzoate and Disodium EDTA. These are both preservatives approved and required by Health Canada.


If the StrixNB line of oral care products is something you may be interested in, please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information!