Importance of spaying your pet

Spaying your pet

cat-19106_960_720Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus from your female animal, preventing them from coming into heat, convincing, carrying a  pregnancy and giving birth. This is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia by a veterinarian. The recovery time for you pet is about 24-72 hours until they are feeling back to normal, however recovery time for your pet’s body to heal is about 10-14 days. It is during this 2 week recovery period your pet will need to wear an e-collar so not to disturb the surgery site and will need to stay rested and not engage in any activity.

Why is spaying your pet so important? Here are a few reasons!

Prevents unplanned and unwanted litters

Spaying can help get to the root of the pet overpopulation problem by stopping your pet from having unplanned litters. Just one intact female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. In seven years, one intact cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens.pml2z

Eliminates temperament and behavior problems associated with going into heat

Intact female dogs will be very restless when they come into heat. They will become very active, not wanting to sleep and will bark and howl excessively. Intact female cats will also be restless when they come into heat. They will rub excessively on you and all your furniture. They will also be very vocal, calling and wailing very loudly all the time.

It helps prevent your pet from getting mammary cancer later in life

gata-1313477_960_720Mammary cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in cats. In dogs, the incidence of mammary cancer is about 25% in intact dogs or those allowed to experience more than 2 heat cycles before getting spayed. Prevention of mammary cancer is best accomplished by early spaying. If your cat is spayed before they are a year old, the risk of them getting mammary cancer later in life is reduced by about 86%. If your dog is spayed before their first heat cycle the incidence of mammary tumor development is nearly zero.


Spaying completely prevents your pet from getting a pyometra

A pyometra is an abscessed, pus-filled infected uterus. When an animal has a pyometra, toxins and bacteria can leak across the uterine walls and into the bloodstream. This becomes a life-threatening situation and without treatment death will occur. Prevention of this problem is one of the main reasons for routinely spaying animals.


Please also visit the Edmonton Humane Society website for more information on spaying your pet.