Medical Pet Shirts

The medical pet shirt is an alternative to the Elizabethan collar (the cone of shame). It can also be used to protect wounds and bandages on your pet. The medical pet shirts are made specifically for both dogs and cats in various sizes. They are made from a cotton/lycra material, this gives them 4-way stretch and allows for good air circulation. They are machine washable and therefore reusable. The hind part of the shirt can easily be unsnapped and rolled up for your dog’s bathroom breaks. Cats can use the litter box at anytime without having to open the snaps on the shirt. If your pet is hospitalized and is using the medical pet shirt there is a small buttonhole to facilitate an IV line. The dog medical pet shirts have a light blue liner on the inside, this can be used to hold a sanitary napkin or ice pack inside the shirt for cases of incontinence, during heat cycles or if the belly area requires icing.






The following sizes are available

  • Available in 3 sizes for cats:
    • xxxs (29cm)
    • xxs (33cm)
    • xs (40cm)
  • Available in 9 sizes for dogs:
    • xxxs (22cm)
    • xxs (33cm)
    • xs (40cm)
    • sm (43cm)
    • sm/med (49cm)
    • med (55cm)
    • lg (67cm)
    • xl (77cm)
    • xxl (81cm)

Uses for the Medical Pet Shirt


After surgery

If your pet’s surgical site is in a area that can be covered by the medical pet shirt, it is a great alternative to the Elizabethan collar. It will prevent your pet from being able to lick or scratch at the surgery site while it heals. The stretchy material will also provide a snug, but not tight fit around the body allowing air to circulate. The medical pet shirt will also provide warmth and comfort to your pet post surgery.

Skin diseases

If your pet has a hotspot, lick granuloma or other skin condition, the medical pet shirt can be used to provide protection and help prevent possible damage to the skin caused by scratching or biting. It can also provide a covering for any medical dressings placed on your


If your dog is showing signs of incontinence the medical pet shirt can help. A sanitary napkin can be placed in or on the liner to collect leaks, helping to reduce urine staining in your house. Simply change out the sanitary napkin as necessary. The medical pet shirt is a very hygienic option for your incontinent pet.

Heat cycles

The medical pet shirt can be used during heat cycles in the same way it can be used for incontinence issues. It is a hygienic option to reduce blood staining in your house and keep your dog clean. Compared to shorts or diapers the medical pet shift is a secure option that your dog can’t wiggle her way out of.

pet shirt

Our patient “Belle” rocking her medical pet shirt after her spay surgery!

We do keep a few sizes on hand at the clinic at all times. If you are wanting a medical pet shirt for your pet, please give us a call. If we don’t have the proper size available, we would be happy to order one in for you!