Feline Breed Spotlight: LaPerm

A look at the LaPerm!


In the early 1980s, a barn cat had had a litter of kittens, where one of them was born bald, with tabby markings and wide spaced ears. When the kitten’s coat started coming in, it came in curly. The owners named this cat “Curly”. Curly went on to have more litters and all of her kittens were born with the same curly coat. Genetic testing determined that this dominant mutation caused the curly coats. Genetic testing also determined that the LaPerm cat was distinct from other rex-breed cats with curly hair. Breed status was given in 2002.



This breed is highly active and inquisitive. They love to play the day away and be involved with everything that your are doing (they may even paw at you if you are not giving them enough attention). Make sure you have a lot of vertical space for them. LaPerm’s love to climb, jump and view the world from up high. They make a good family cat, as they get along well with children and cat-friendly dogs. They are low shedding and require minimum grooming, but they are not hypoallergenic.

 Health concerns
Both pure-bred and mixed-breed cats have varying kinds of health problems that may be either influenced by genetics or environmental factors. LaPerm’s are a generally healthy breed due to their genetic diversity and out crossing in breeding programs. LaPerm’s are also a fairly uncommon breed of cat and therefore there may not be a lot of documentation of prevalent health concerns.