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Cancer diagnosis and your pet

What is cancer


Cancer is also known as neoplasia. Neoplasia means abnormal/uncontrolled growth of cells or tissues in the body. The growth itself is called a neoplasm, mass or tumor. This mass can either be benign or malignant. Benign cancers do not grow quickly and do not spread throughout the body. Malignant cancers tend to grow very fast, invade the tissues around them and can spread other parts of the body.


Your Rabbit’s Teeth

Dental problems can lead to serious medical conditions in rabbits. Rabbits are herbivores, and are designed to eat a diet comprised of fibrous plant material. A rabbit’s teeth grow continuously throughout their life and the teeth need to be worn down continually by chewing these types of food. If your rabbit has dental problems, it can lead to them not eating, which could then progress to more serious medical issues.



Head Tilt and your Rabbit

Rabbits can suffer from a condition known as a head tilt. This condition is also called wry neck or torticollis. This condition looks just as it sounds. Your rabbit either gradually or suddenly has developed a head tilt to one side. Depending on the severity of the tilt, your rabbit may also roll, move in circles or be unable to stand.



Snuffles in Rabbits (Pasteurellosis)

Pasteurella multocida is a bacteria that causes Pasteurellosis, commonly known as “snuffles”. This is a severe respiratory disease that affects domestic rabbits. This bacteria can also be found in small amounts the nasal cavity in healthy rabbits and not cause disease unless they become stressed or their immune system becomes challenged (these are called carrier rabbits). Carrier rabbits can also spread the disease to other rabbits with suppressed immune systems and cause them to get sick, as this disease is very contagious.