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Common Foods that are Toxic to your Pet

There are foods that are toxic to your pets, and many foods that are not (and some make for a special treat when fed in moderation!). Here is a look at some common toxic foods that could lead to a toxicity in your pet if they should ingest them.

For a more complete and thorough list of toxic and non toxic foods, please visit the ASPCA website or the Pet Poison Helpline


Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: Rx Essentials for Dogs and Cats

Would you like to ensure your pet is getting enough of important vitamins and minerals? Rx essentials is a supplemental product that is comprised of important nutrients for cats and dogs. This supplement is made to complement their overall diet, whether it be homemade one or a commercially available one.



Hilary’s Blend Products and Cookbooks

Did you know that if you are making a homemade diet for your pet without a veterinarian recommended recipe you may be leaving out essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper health and nutrition of your pet?

If you are interested in making homemade meals for your dog or cat, Hilary’s Blend is a great product and resource! There are a variety of recipes available, including hypoallergenic, low fat, vegetarian, urinary and renal (just to name a few!) to chose from to meet the specific needs of your pet. The Hillary’s Blend supplements must be used with these recipes to provide a nutritionally complete and balanced diet.