Spring is around the corner, and so is parvovirus!

imgresThe spring and summer months are high risk seasons for parvovirus infection, making all dog friendly outdoor areas risky for un-vaccinated puppies. Freezing is completely protective to parvovirus, so it does not get wiped out over the winter. It actually remains dormant  all winter, waiting for the spring thaw to become active again.  After outdoor areas have completely thawed, shaded areas should be considered contaminated for 7 months. Areas with good sunlight exposure should be considered contaminated for 5 months.


Pet Dental Month: What Happens During a COHAT?

COHAT stands for Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment.

dentist kitty

The COHAT is much more than just a dental cleaning. It includes an examination of your pets’ oral cavity, dental charting, dental x-rays, cleaning and polishing of the teeth. After reviewing the dental x-rays, more work may need to be performed, such as extractions or tooth amputations. To accomplish all of this properly and thoroughly you pet must be put under general anesthesia.